Jack-N-Jill Red Whisky - Your partner in fun
Good memories, like a good taste, always linger. Memories that you had with the best of your buddies, people who came as close to you as your drink. People who don’t change no matter after how long you meet. Jack-N-Jill Red Whisky is an ode to that companionship that doesn’t lose its flavor with time, in fact it grows richer and richer. Reason why, it comes to you from the hands of our master blenders. Infused with the finest scotch malts and select Indian grains, giving this blend a unique richness with a balanced proportion to match its freshness and elegance. Its old gold with a copper shimmer compliments the perfect and matured taste. Remarkably classic, it comes with a woody and vanillic character that delights both beginners as well as the connoisseurs of whisky. Jack-N-Jill Red is a delight for the senses and succor for the soul like your true partner in fun.

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Maa Sheetla Tower,
Volkswagen Showroom, 
Rampur Road, Haldwani Nainital, 
Uttarakhand - 263136