Creating liquid sunshine.
Those who say water doesn’t have a taste probably never visited the serene valley of Uttarakhand. And those who say it doesn’t have any aroma surely never got to smell one of our blends. 100% virgin, chemical-free natural water from the highlands of the Himalayas and grain based ENA and scotch from Scotland. When distilled together, what you get is a glass of liquid sunshine. And as is the sunrise in the valley of Uttarakhand, our sunshine is pure and unadulterated, free from any chemicals or added flavors.

Just like cultural habits, dressing style, languages, and religious beliefs vary from region to region, so does the water. Somewhere it’s hard, somewhere it’s soft, somewhere it’s rich in minerals while somewhere it doesn’t have as many. The pH level, the ppm (parts per million) dissolved solids, acidic or alkaline, there are several factors that make the water sourced from two different cities, states, countries or continents completely different. So, when the water tastes, smells, and feels different, imagine your scotch, rum or beer that it was used to distil. The good news is the virgin Himalayan water we use to craft our blends has been tested and proven to be of the same quality as Scotland’s Speyside and Islay river. So, what you hold with pride every evening is a glass or a bottle full of magic that could have been crafted only and only in your very own Uttarakhand.
“You can’t know a person until you know his taste.” That’s what the company’s CEO Mr. Naveneet Agarwal has to say whenever he is asked about his special interest in the liquor industry. Eighteen years of experience in liquor distribution gives you a clear idea of the consumer’s choice. It’s like you can shake hands and tell what the person’s passion is. That’s exactly what happened with Mr. Agarwal and he decided to take his passion to be a part of every celebration to another level, not as a distributor but as a distiller.
In 2018, the group inaugurated one of the best plants in Uttarakhand district and not only started manufacturing some of the best spirits in India but showed a great spirit by also opening job opportunities for hundreds of people of Uttarakhand. Because when we say we want to be a part of every celebration, it’s not just about parties but also about how each and every person involved right from our R&D team to the factory workers to the distributors, retailers as well as our consumers feel proud to be associated with us.

Head Office

Maa Sheetla Tower,
Volkswagen Showroom, 
Rampur Road, Haldwani Nainital, 
Uttarakhand - 263136